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Thursday 8 September 2022

Siemens Off Campus Recruitment 2022 || Siemens Off Campus Drive

Siemens Jobs for Freshers as Trainee || Bangalore 

Siemens Off Campus Recruitment 2022 :

Siemens Off Campus Drive for Candidates who want to get start their Career in IT Sector. And Siemens is hiring 2023 along with 2022, and 2021 Batch Freshers for trainee roles. all information required for registration of Siemens Recruitment 2022 provided in that post. We have provided the Siemens Eligibility Criteria, Siemens Selection Process, Siemens Required skills, Documents Required for Siemens Off Campus Drive 2022, and the Registration Process for Siemens Hiring 2022 in this post below. we are going to tell you about Siemens job in Bangalore what you have to do is read full post.

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Siemens Off Campus Recruitment 2022 Details :

Company Name:- Siemens

Educational Qualification:- B.Tech / BE

Batch:- 2022/2021/2020

Job Role:- Trainee

Salary:- Best In Industry

Job Location:- Bengaluru

Experience:- 0-1 yr

Siemens Recruitment 2022 Eligibility Criteria :

  • Graduate in any discipline with a sound knowledge of Direct Material Purchasing
  • Candidates Have ability to work as individual and team contributor with good understanding of commercial terms

Experience Level: Early Professional

Roles & Responsibilities:-

  • Candidates will be responsible to provide outstanding service to the Siemens customer through calls and emails and converting Invoice reconciliation, delivery follow up, On time delivery of Materials.
  • Candidates will track and maintain the quick resolution time of Queries
  • Candidates will collaborate with Operational team and Interact with different stake holders

Role Description :-

  • Siemens provide extensive high-quality and cost-efficient Purchase-to-Pay services from purchasing to the processing of outgoing payments.
  • Siemens work with a strongly integrated system and a highly automated purchasing process. 
  • Siemens deliver maximum value to the business by driving P2P optimization and digitalization using our entrepreneurial approach, and we support our customers’ current and future business requirements with the help of our high level of process and automation. competency.

How To Apply for Siemens Off Campus Drive Given Below šŸ‘‡

Eligible candidates who are interested can apply by visiting the apply link given below .

Apply LinkClick Here

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Siemens Off Campus Drive – Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to apply for Siemens Off Campus Drive ?

To apply for the Siemens Off Campus Drive, you have to check the official site of or Mahindra you also get TCS off campus drive 2022 in future.

2.Does provide Siemens Off Campus Drive Alerts?

Yes, provides 
Siemens Off Campus Drive Alerts continuously.

3.What is the Siemens Off Campus Drive  Selection Process?

Aptitude Test, Technical & Interview Rounds

Siemens Interview Questions

In this section, Providing Siemens Technical Interview Questions for your reference. This will give you a chance to select regarding the difficulty level of the technical interview round and know what type of questions are frequently asked by the interviewer in the year 2022 and 2021. in this section we are providing siemens it jobs interview questions and answers along with siemens interview question for freshers.

  1. Explain the difference between function overriding and Function overloading.
  2. Tell me about all SDLC phases.
  3. Why is testing required explain in brief?
  4. Why you want to join siemens ?
  5. Explain differences between C++ and java.
  6. Define whole bug life cycle.
  7. How will you delete a node in DLL?
  8. How will you print number in reverse (descending) order in BST?
  9. What is a mutex object and why is it used?
  10. What do you mean by RDBMS?
  11. A router’s table is given. There are four rows and three columns (Destination IP, mask, and next hop) in the table. Given is the destination IP address of a packet. Determine its next hop.
  12. What is marshalling?
  13. Explain Pointers? What is the use of pointers?
  14. Explain What happens when flag is set to zero in a modem during packet data transfer?
  15. Given a solid white cube, it in dipped in black color and then cut into 1000 equal pieces.
  16. Find the number of cubes that are completely white.
  17. Differentiate between STLC and SDLC.
  18. Explain DHCP. What are the advantages and disadvantages of DHCP?
  19. What are types of kernel objects?
  20. Does SDLC change when you use Teradata instead of Oracle?
  21. Find duplicates in a file containing 6 digit numbers (like u id) in O (n) time.
  22. What platforms does Linux support tell?
  23. Define max and min heap, also the search time of heap.
  24. Differentiate between manual and automation testing.
  25. Tell me about the tools used in manual and automation testing in brief.
  26. Explain Why are we moving onto IPv6? What is the maximum limit of IPv4?
  27. Explain Given is an integer N. Convert it into MS Excel column string. E.g., N = 1: A, N = 2: B, N = 27: AA, N = 52: AZ, and so on.
  28. Explain How you can check whether a machine is 64-bit or 32-bit?
  29. How would you join two tables without using the joiner transformation explain?
  30. Elaborate the states of a process in an OS.
  31. Check if duplicates exist in an array of N which has range 1 to N.
  32. What is virtual memory Explain in brief?
  33. Explain How would you test memory leakage manually?
  34. Enumerate some of the most commonly used network commands in Unix?
  35. Default port for MySQL server?
  36. Explain the Unix kernel define.

About Company :

Siemens Energy AG is one of the world's driving energy innovation organizations. The organization works with its clients and accomplices on energy frameworks for the future, consequently supporting the change to a more feasible world. With its arrangement of items, arrangements and administrations, Siemens Energy covers practically the whole energy esteem chain - from power age and transmission to storage.The portfolio incorporates regular and sustainable power innovation, for example, gas and steam turbines, half breed power plants worked with hydrogen, and power generators and transformers.

In excess of 50% of the portfolio has previously been decarbonized. A greater part stake in the recorded organization Siemens Gamesa Environmentally friendly power (SGRE) makes Siemens Energy a worldwide market pioneer for sustainable power sources. An expected one-6th of the power produced overall depends on advancements from Siemens Energy. Siemens Energy utilizes 91,000 individuals overall in excess of 90 nations and created income of around €29 billion in financial year 2019.Siemens Energy AG is an energy organization framed by the side project of the previous Gas and Power division of Siemens Gathering and incorporates a 67% portion of Siemens Gamesa.

Christian Bruch is Chief and the previous President of Siemens AG Joe Kaeser is administrator of the administrative board. siemens Energy, our central goal is to engage our clients to satisfy the developing worldwide need for energy while progressing to a more practical world. How? Our inventive advances, broad energy experience and an aggressive methodology to decarbonize worldwide energy frameworks are integral to our endeavors to be the accomplice and driver of the energy progress. Furthermore, our top center regions in ESG, development and change share how we're making the fate of tomorrow unique today, for both our accomplices - and our kin.

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