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Sunday 12 November 2023

Microsoft India Vacancies : Microsoft Company Jobs For Freshers

Microsoft India Vacancies : Microsoft Company Jobs For Freshers as Product Design || Fulltime Opportunities for University Graduates

Microsoft India vacancies declared for freshers candidate for role of product design. Read full blog for details about Microsoft company jobs for freshers, eligibility criteria, role, job location, Microsoft recruitment pattern are discussed below, interested candidates can go through the microsoftjobs section for microsoft job apply.

Microsoft India Vacancies
Microsoft India Vacancies

About Company : 

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft’s best-known software products are the Windows line of operating systems, the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity applications, and the Edge web browser.

Microsoft India Vacancies Details:

Company :- Microsoft

Educational Qualification :- BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MCA

Job Location:- Multiple locations of India

Batch:- N/A

Salary CTC:- Best 

Experience :-Freshers

Microsoft India Vacancies Eligibility Criteria:

Qualifications :

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, Product Design, Human Computer Interaction, or related field OR
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Design, Product Design, Human Computer Interaction, or related field

Responsibilities :

  • Identify opportunities and generates design ideas and assess feasibility with peers and product team members.
  • Demonstrate customer obsession by focusing on customer & user needs and translate those into product experiences.
  • Rapidly prototypes new products, aiming for realism, and presents designs to teams and customers for feedback.
  • Collaborates with Engineering, conducts QAs, and iterates designs for pixel-perfect implementation.
  • Contributes to visual design from concept to delivery, producing various design documents and advocating for top-notch Creates interaction design artifacts, including wireframes, personas, and task flows under peer collaboration and guidance.
  • Participate in the development and enhancement of product user experience via creation of interaction models and detailed designs for new and existing product features. Conceptualize and deliver artifacts at various levels of fidelity. 
  • Advocate for your design solutions by putting them in context of business and user goals. Utilizes Microsoft’s design system and collaborates with other designers for continuous improvement.
  • Communicates work clearly to peers and managers, setting context for stakeholders. Collaborates with team members to craft compelling narratives for products and features, exploring innovative storytelling methods.

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How To Apply for Microsoft India Vacancies Given Below 👇

Eligible candidates who are interested can apply by visiting the apply link given below .

Apply Link : Click Here

Interview Questions For Microsoft Product Design Role :

When interviewing for a Product Design role at Microsoft or any similar company, the questions will likely cover a mix of design thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and your understanding of user experience. Here are some sample questions you might encounter:

  1. Can you walk us through your design process from idea generation to final implementation?
  2. Describe a specific design challenge you faced in your previous role. How did you approach it, and what was the outcome?
  3. How do you incorporate user feedback into your design process, and can you provide an example of a time when user feedback significantly influenced your design decisions?
  4. Microsoft values a customer-centric approach. How do you ensure that your designs meet the needs and expectations of users?
  5. Can you discuss a project where you had to balance user experience with technical constraints? How did you navigate this challenge?
  6. What design tools are you proficient in, and how do you choose the right tool for a specific design task?
  7. Microsoft products often have a global user base. How do you approach designing for a diverse and international audience?
  8. How do you stay updated on the latest design trends and technologies? Can you give an example of how you've applied new design principles or tools in your work?
  9. Collaboration is crucial in product design. Can you provide an example of a project where you worked closely with cross-functional teams, and how did this collaboration contribute to the success of the project?
  10. Microsoft emphasizes accessibility in its products. How do you integrate accessibility principles into your design process?
  11. What role does user research play in your design process, and how do you conduct and leverage user research to inform your design decisions?
  12. Describe a situation where you had to pivot your design based on changing project requirements. How did you handle the change, and what was the result?
  13. How do you approach designing for different platforms, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet?
  14. Microsoft is known for its design language, like Fluent Design. How familiar are you with these design systems, and how do you ensure consistency in your designs?
  15. Can you share an example of a design project where you faced a tight deadline? How did you manage your time and still deliver a high-quality product?
  16. Microsoft emphasizes innovation. Can you share an innovative design solution you implemented in a previous role?
  17. How do you handle constructive criticism of your designs, and how do you incorporate feedback into your work?
  18. In your opinion, what makes a Microsoft product stand out from the competition in terms of design and user experience?
  19. Can you discuss a situation where you had to educate stakeholders on the design decisions you made? How did you communicate the value of your design choices?
  20. What do you believe is the future of UX/UI design, and how do you stay ahead of industry trends?

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